Mask Mandate


Lily Larson, editor

The world is starting to open up more since Covid started two years ago. Masks are now optional indoors, such as stores or restaurants. However, masks are required in schools until March 14. Until then you will be obliged to put a mask on in the classrooms. A few of our students have spoken out about how they feel about the mask mandate being lifted. 


Four students from our school have been asked what their favorite thing about not wearing a mask is and if they thought the mask mandate would have been lifted this year. Charley Pegg and 8th grader reached out and said, “My favorite thing about not wearing masks is getting to see people’s faces and actually hear people.” She also said that she thought the mask mandate would not be over this year. Anna Panter, also an 8th grader, says that she is happy to finally be able to breathe better. She also said, “Yes, I thought that the mandate would be over, but it’s still weird to me.” Signe Sievert says, “Being able to see all my friends’ faces in class makes me happy that masks aren’t required anymore.” Signe also thought that the mask mandate would be over next year because there’s only a few months left of the school year. Lastly, Cellia Pfeiffer reached out and shared with us, “Not wearing masks is normal and reminds me of before covid, also the masks are kind of ugly, so I’m glad we don’t need them anymore.” She too thought that the mask mandate was not going to be over this year. It is interesting to hear our classmates’ responses to the mask mandate being over.


To conclude, two years ago people would have never believed that we would be stuck wearing masks. Now, after two years of wearing masks, the mandate is officially over. You are not required to wear masks inside a classroom, but you may still wear one if you’re uncomfortable without one. Now, let’s hope that these past two years will be the last time a mask is needed to be worn.