Weird Hobbies

 Everyone has weird hobbies, from beetle fighting to news raiding, there are several peculiar hobbies everyone has. For example, Maggie Shipley likes cleaning and organizing her room late at night. She finds it weird because not many people rearrange their rooms at 1 am.

 Another example of an odd hobby is brought to you by Claire Becker. According to Claire, she enjoys collecting all sorts of jars, specifically cute ones. Claire finds it abnormal because she doesn’t do anything with them afterwards. 

Next up is someone who would like to remain anonymous. Their strange hobby is that they enjoy witchcraft, spells, and collecting crystals. They find it strange because it’s not something middle-schoolers normally do.

     Our last oddity comes from a group of students. They say that their weird hobby is the fact that their entire friend group memorized all of “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars. It isn’t really a hobby, but it’s still interesting. As you can see a variety of people have erratic and bizarre hobbies. What are some weird and unique hobbies that you have?