Mystery Baby @ DNO

Seraphina Fadick and Nyla Biondolillo

     Mrs. Kramer is having a child! We interviewed some of the students and staff to guess what gender the baby is going to be! Susan Sado guessed that the baby will be a boy because, “she just gives that police vibe”. Anjali Rawal says, “I think he’s a boy because yeah.” Cooper Andrews commented saying he thinks the baby will be a boy because, “It’s like a lucky guess, fifty fifty chance.” Liam Rafferty states, “It’d be cool if it was a boy, but it’ll probably be a girl.” Moving on to the staff, Mrs. Masuda speculated that the baby would be a girl because, “It would be nice for her to have one boy and one girl!” Similar to what Mrs.Masuda said, Ms. Shannon predicted that the baby would be a girl, and commented, “She has a little boy, I guess because in my heart I’m hoping that she gets to have one of each.” As you can see, it’s a pretty even split of predictions. I guess now all we can do is wait and see!

A lot of people guessed or hoped Mrs. Kramer would have a girl, but BREAKING NEWS….

It’s a BOY! Stephen Kramer was born on October 14th! Congrats to Mrs. Kramer and her family!