Should DNO Have More School dances?

Anna Nagy, Zoey Munoz, staff

Should DNO have More School Dances?

Many students argue whether or not Diegueno should have more school dances. Me, Anna Nagy, and Zoey Munoz asked students around the school if people wanted more dances.


Claire Brown, a seventh grader, thinks that “there should be school dances because they’re fun. I also think that formals would be a great idea because I think it would be fun to dress up.” Claire thinks it would be a fun social event for the students here and hopes to see more dances in the future!

Natasha Thomas, a seventh grader, says that “there should be more school dances because we only have one, it would be more fun for the students.” Although we have a dance, she still argues that there should be more.

Another seventh grader, Vivian Chonka, said that “There should be more dances; it’s fun to dress up and it lets people be more social.” Like Claire Brown, Vivian enjoys dressing up.


In conclusion, all the students that we interviewed agreed that there should be more school dances. Most said that they’re enjoyable and are fun to prepare for. You can dress up and be social with lots of friends, and even meet new people! Overall, DNO students said that we should have more school dances.