Killer Kaaboo


Riley Platenberg

Singer of Switchfoot, Jon Foreman.

Riley Platenberg and Brooke Bairley

‘’Check 1,2, check 1,2’’ September 13-16th was the last Kaaboo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  Many kids attended the event, but what did they think? The venue was spacious, close to the beach, and was an overall great venue. Yet now they are moving the event to Petco Park. Many people are opposed to this idea and say they won’t return. But these thoughts can’t change the fact that Kaaboo is changing its setting. 

First, we received a 7th grader, Abbey Baum’s opinions on the topic. She started off by telling us that it was very hot, and the temperature made it not as entertaining. Also, she stated, “it was extremely crowded, which made it hard to get around” But then Abbey started talking about how much she enjoyed Brian Adams’s performance.  The topic of the new venue then came up, and we were very intrigued to see what she would think. She told us that she hated what would be the new venue, it wasn’t near the beach, less space, and she would not be returning. Kaaboo just lost a customer, will they be losing more? 

Next, we interviewed the drummer of Switchfoot, a band that performed at Kaaboo’s main stage in 2019. He said he really enjoyed Kaaboo being in North County, but he understands the move to Petco as it is practical and will be easier for concert-goers to park, plus traffic will be minimized. He enjoys hometown performances because he gets to have his family and friends there. Chad Butler just got back from touring Europe with his band and loved the weather in the Swiss Alps. He’s been around the world and back again, yet he still gets excited to play in his hometown, whether it’s the free annual Bro-Am or the known worldwide Kaaboo is an overall fantastic, exhilarating, and great festival. Even with a new venue, it will still receive a great turnout.