Gelato 101 Review article


Sofia Ruf, Adviser

Gelato 101 is a new ice cream shop located on D street. It’s the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day after the beach. They serve everything from gelato to boba tea, acai bowls and coffee.  Gelato 101 is very popular nowadays as many people like to visit this modern hangout spot. I heard so many great things about this place i had to try it out for myself.


In my opinion, the design at gelato 101 is very modern and welcoming. Outside there are plenty of comfy places to sit while enjoying your food. When I walked in, there were two lines, one for gelato and one for other orders. I thought this was very convenient because if the customers know what they want, thy will order it quicker and the line will shorten more efficiently.


The first thing I wanted to try was their gelato so i looked at all the delicious flavors of the day and decided to get one of the most popular flavors, nutella. It tasted like a perfect blend of hazelnut and chocolate (although I didn’t think it tasted a lot like the actual nutella spread, it was really good). Overall, id rate that gelato an 8/10.


The next thing I tried was their bubble tea. They had two options for this drink slushie, a water based boba, or milk tea, milk based boba. I wanted to try both, so, first i ordered a mango flavored slush boba and it tasted delicious. The tapioca balls at the bottom were chewy and sweet and it went really well with the mango slush. As for the slushie part specifically, it was cold and icy, like a snowcone, but more melted and flavorful. Although, when finishing the drink, i thought it tasted more like water than mango. Next, I tried the milk based drink and it was also really good. The tapioca balls were the same, but I thought this drink was a little sweeter than the slushie one. Also, in my opinion the milk based one complimented the mango flavor and tapioca balls better. When I finished the drink, I noticed the same consistent flavor throughout. Although, this drink did taste a little “milky” so for the people that don’t really like the flavor of milk, it think slushie would be better. I, for one, love milk so this was not a problem. These two drinks were both amazing and delicious but all-in-all, i liked the milk based drink better. I’m excited to try a different flavor the next time I go to gelato 101.


I think gelato 101 is a very cute place with very tasty food. So, the next time your in town, I suggest you visit this place and try some of their delicious gelato or boba tea or acai or anything on the menu. My favorite thing that I tried today was the mango milk-based boba. Its something I will order again the next time I pass by.