Is Cheer a Sport?

Sarah Bovenizer, Staff

       Is cheer a sport? Well that’s a very heated topic. Everyone has a different opinion on it. There are 2 very different types of cheer. Competitive cheer and non competitive cheer (normally on the sidelines of other sports). Competitive cheer is normally thought of more of a sport since they compete in competitions against other teams. On the other hand non competitive is more of an argued topic.

       Sophie Parsons said this about non competitive cheer: “No, a lot of people do it, you don’t need a skill set”. Many people do non competitive cheer without any background in it beforehand. She said that competitive cheer is a sport “because there is more training and more practice. The people who do it are like professionals. They have more skills”. Josie Amberg agrees with Sophia and said ( competition cheer) “yes, because you have to work really hard to be either flyer or base, and it also involves a lot of leg muscles”. Unlike Sophia, Josie thinks that non competitive cheer is a sport saying “Also yes. It’s a lot of hard work to cheer in general. One time at my soccer practice there was cheer practicing and they were there before us and we left before they did. It’s a lot of work”.

       In conclusion, more people think that competitive cheer is a sport but many people do think that non competitive cheer is also a sport.
Flyers up in formation.