Using Drugs to Enhance Sport Performance


Charlie Butler and Tatum Hartley

     Dating back to 1994 Russia has been a strong participant in the summer and winter Olympics. Winning over 500 medals and 195 of them being gold. Until 2018, when Russia got caught using drugs to enhance their athletes performance. By 26 September 2018, 77 Russians were serving doping bans, and about 72 athletes and 5 coaches and athlete support personnel were banned. Russia had been caught doping their athletes before, but this time 43 medals were stripped from them. 

     This was not the only time drugs were used to enhance sport performance, athletes in competitive sports overdose on drugs to further improve their athletic performance. Athletes do it even though they know they have a chance of being caught and getting banned from their sport event. The reason doping is prohibited is because of the health risks and the unfairness of cheating with drugs. By doing this you are going against the “spirit of sport”. The use of drugs has been continuous since the start of sports and the rule started to be enforced in 1928. The first real drug test was in 1966, about 2 years later a drug test has been mandatory in both the summer and the winter olympics.

     Even though research has shown the bad effects of doping, athletes still do it. People have died of overdose and lost their incredible gift due to drugs. When athletes do drugs they think it will do them good when really its hurting them in the long run.  Most athletes who start on drugs cannot stop, leading to addiction. To conclude doping just to enhance your sports performance is wrong and can have lifelong side effects.