Is ISPE Necessary?


Vivian Okamoto, staff

ISPE which stands for Independent Study Physical Education, is when a student gets to skip PE for doing a sport at least 4 hours a week. Do you think that we should have ISPE? Do you think it’s fair? I talked to students and teachers at our school about ISPE and their thoughts on it.

Seven out of ten people that I interviewed said that ISPE is fair. Five of those kids did not do ISPE and 4 of them did. Mrs. Smith, the journalism teacher at Diegueno says that ISPE is fair, but not for the amount of kids that are doing it. Non ISPE students said that they would want to do ISPE and that they should let more kinds of sports count for ISPE. Although, some of them said that they liked doing PE.

For the ISPE kids I asked about what sport they did. Not a lot of the students here do ISPE. So, the majority of only the students I talked to isn’t clear because they all found different individual sports. What do you do for ISPE, or if you don’t what would you do? Reese Corneijo said if she could she would  ̈do ballet for ISPE ̈ and Evan Okamoto would want to do track.

We are so lucky that Diegeno offers an alternative to regular PE class.  It is helpful to students that are already involved in sports and gives them extra time to focus on school and studying. Thank you!