Most Popular Sport

This graph shows the most popular sports among students at DNO.

Created by Abril Marrero

This graph shows the most popular sports among students at DNO.

Abril Marrero, Staff

Welcome back DNO to the newspaper. Happy 2020, a new decade with new opportunities! The focus of today’s newsletter is sports, so why not ask students what sport they enjoy most among the most popular ones; soccer, basketball, football, or baseball. Tag along to see what they say!

As we can see from the pie chart above the most popular sports is Soccer with 55.9% This sport is enjoyed by a lot of people because of its popularity to do as a hobby. While some just say they like it because “It is the only sport they enjoy from the list” or “it is the only one that makes since from the four” many people like the sport because, “It is something fun and active to do”. The second most popular sport is Baseball with 17.6% (wow, such a difference!) This sport is probably one of the “calmest” to play but not the easiest. This sport is sometimes called boring, but some enjoy practicing this sport as an extracurricular. Next up we have Basketball with 14.7% Basketball is a pretty fun sport to play, but not a lot of the population play it regularly as we can see. Finally, the least popular sport is Football with 11.8% Football can be called a rough sport that not a lot of people chose to try, but many people enjoy the concept of the sport. 

In conclusion, we can see that the most popular sports are those that tend to be played outside of school the most.