Williams’ Wise Words


Skylar Jones and Riley Goldman

          We have recently interviewed one of Diegueno’s U.S. history teachers, Mr. Williams and asked him about many different topics like his teaching style and preferences. One of the questions that we asked him was about the way he teaches. He explained that when he walks around the room, he is helping support and monitor the students. As he says, “The further away you are from our king, the more likely you are to mess around.” 


          This year is harder to keep students engaged, so Mr. Williams uses interesting materials and learning opportunities to do so. He says that his key to keeping students engaged and awake is to have a cold classroom. Staying on the topic of Mr. Williams tips, he adds that breath mints are much better gum, because gum will stick to the carpet and ruin someone’s day.


          All in all, Mr. Williams loves to teach history because it is the most realistic of all the class subjects. He mentions that history is not just about memorizing the names, dates and places of things that happened 400 yrs ago, but about the lessons that we learn and see in today’s current society. Just like he believes that learning is the lesson we see in today’s society, adding and expanding your knowledge each day in class is the most important. “K+1” he says, “knowledge plus one.”