Mrs. Lax

Evie Harris & Presley Thompson , editors/staff

Background: Jill Lax, born in South Africa


What college did you go to and why did you want to become a teacher, what subject?: Jill Lax went to the University of Witwaters. She majored in English and psychology, and minored in history. Before getting her college degrees for teaching she was a freelance journalist. 


What schools have you taught at and and for how long?: In South Africa, Mrs. Lax taught at Batswana high school for 6 years as a temporary replacement for teachers. After teaching in South Africa , she moved to the US and taught at UNISE, before moving to Oklahoma where she got another teaching credential. Once moved to CA got another teaching credential. Her first teaching job in the US was at Oak Crest for 6 years, 1990-1996. When she stopped on the 6th year of teaching at Oak Crest, she moved over to LCC when the 9th graders went over to high school (at the time middle schools taught 7th,8th,and 9th grade). Mrs. Lax then taught at LCC for 25 years until her retirement in 2020. Her son was born just as LCC opened, and both of her two kids went there. 


How long have you been subbing for schools? Why did you switch from teaching to subbing?: She explained that after she retired from LCC, she missed the students so she started subbing for schools in the area. 


What are your favorite things to do outside of teaching?: When not subbing for schools in the district, Mrs. Lax has a part time job at her husband’s veterinary clinic. In her free times she loves to take care of animals and her dog, spending time with family, traveling, and going to music festivals and concerts.