Most Popular Sports Now


Sofia Ruf, Staff

Most popular sports now


Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Dance, Swim, Lacrosse, Football and many others are all considered sports now but the question is, what sport is the most popular? 


I asked a few students at Diegueno that question. The answers varied from Soccer to taekwondo. Out of 20 people, the most common responses were soccer, dance and lacrosse.  Lana Baynard, one of my interviewees, said “I don’t play any sports, but I think my favorite sport is soccer because it is fun.” 


I personally asked 7 people what they thought the most popular sport now is and they said basketball, soccer, and football. One person said they liked football because it’s played in every high school and they knew a lot of people that played it. Soccer, because there are many countries that lay this sport.


In conclusion, there were many responses from many different people and soccer seems to be the most popular sport, however, this question has many answers so what do you think?