Should golf be a sport?


Photo courtesy Ted Smith

Avery Baker & Thaleia Tsintikidou, Staff Writer

Should golf be considered a sport?

   Golf is a sport were you attempt to hit a ball that is mostly made out of plastic into a whole in the ground.  It requires precise aim and good hand eye coordination. However it requires almost no physical exertion or physical contact. So, should golf be a sport?


   Golfer of the year, Rory Mcllory, explains “Your success only makes you more motivated to do better.” Rory McIlroy. Rory always works hard to achieve his goals. His sport requires commitment and motivation.


   Gabby, a 7th grader at DNO middle, thinks that golf is more of a skill than a sport. But, Xavier( who’s a golfer) thinks that it should be a sport because  it takes a long time to master muscle memory. Ms. Wosika(teacher) agrees with Xavier because she believes that any activity that requires commitment and consistency should be a sport. However nash believes that golf is more of a hobby. (maybe add an actual quote here)


   We interviewed more student at diegueño and the most common answer was golf requires consistency,muscle memory and commitment, therefore, Golf should be a sport.