Do Vape and Nicotine Products Concern You?

Rory Silcox, Staff

 Do Vape and Nicotine Products Concern You?


 We asked students at Diegueno if vape and nicotine products concern them.  The effect of some of these products are deadly although some people disagree. They say you won’t get addicted or be affected if you have one puff. Some find these facts true or some find it a bluff. People around the world have so many different opinions so we asked a few kids around our school to see if these vape and nicotine products are a concern of theirs.  

 They all had their own opinions and here’s what a few had to say. 7th grader, Andrew Stamfl stated that, “It affects kids and their whole life.” He agreed that these types of products are harmful to this generation. One smoke of something could make you become addicted for your life. Teenagers and kids are not taught to avoid this so he says kids should be educated about these products.

 Ryan Quain is an 8th grader here at Diegueno and he agreed that vape and nicotine products do concern him. He stated, “Yes,it tricks kids into doing drugs.” He thinks kids don’t know the effects and causes of what these can do to you and it is harmful to their bodies. Overall it should be banned and no person should be harming themselves.

 Layla Thiessen is also an 8th grader at the school and believes that it is very bad and affects the environment and the people she loves, ̈Nicotine and Vape products do concern me because they affect the people I care about ̈. She mentioned how someone in her life has used these products and she doesn’t want them to be hurt by it.

  Overall, the students summarized that nicotine and vape products are very bad and could harm the environment, people and so much more. It is a bad habit and people should stop around the world.

By Rory Silcox