Out of the Closet


Nyla Biondolillo

The DNO LGBTQ+ club.

Seraphina Fadick and Nyla Biondolillo

The LGBTQ+ community includes a wide variety of people with different ages, races, and religions. In fact, some of the students here at DNO Middle School are part of the community! They have a club that meets on Wednesdays at the media center if you’d like to join.

One of our students, El , is a member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. El is currently unlabeled, and at her last school she even organized activities in support of the community.

 Sam, a seventh grader at our school, identifies as an andromantic pansexual transgender he/it. Sam came out to his parents in 5th grade, similar to Leo, who identifies as asexual, abroromantic, and is currently gay. Leo participated in a pride celebration in third grade, and Ryken has also participated in many pride parades, groups, and activities. Ryken is a seventh grader who identifies as gay and his pronouns are He/They.

 All in all, the LGBTQ+ community is a kind, inclusive group with a variety of many different types of people, who along with everyone else, should be accepted and respected. Love is love you know!