Music At DNO

Find out what type of music your peers on campus listen to.

Annika Evenskaas and Caroline Rohr

 Do you like to listen to music?  Have you ever wondered what music other people at your school listen to?  We asked about 70 students at DNO what their favorite genre, artist/band is and what app they use to stream music.  Our school has a very diverse taste in music.  A majority of kids enjoy listening to pop music and others like country.  Some popular artists/bands are Nirvana, Mac Demarco, Brett Young, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and many more.  The students at DNO use many apps to stream music, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.  Ryan Esparza, a 7th grader at DNO, says “I love listening to music.  Especially listening to jazz while I study.” We asked our English and Journalism teacher, Mrs. Smith, what her favorite music is.  She said “I like alternative music, Alt J and Vampire Weekend are my favorites.  Reggae also has to be one of my favorite genres!”  Have a look at our graphs below for the full data!