New rule at lunch

Lyla Bohannon and Sayla Egger

As you may know, we have a new rule at lunch due to some events on campus. The new rule includes that we can stand up at lunch unless we are going to the basketball court or throwing trash away. Here’s what some students had to say about this.  

Kaia Cullum said that “The lunch rule should not be as strict, because lunch is the only time during the day where we can be active because we are sitting all day in class and we wanna walk around and socialize and lunch is perfect time for that!”  

Many other people will say that if we wanna socialize and be active then we could go to the basketball courts, but not alot people want to play basketball. Therefore the lunch rule should not be as strict and students should have more freedom to walk around. School should be a place where students can feel free to make new friends and walk around. In Middle School we should have the opportunity to walk around and discover our group and place for lunch. And we would like to socialize with different people and expand our friendships.